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Oct 30, 2007

Jeffrey's delightful conversation with musical artist Laura Powers about her mission to bring the world a special soul awareness through her beautiful, haunting and uplifting music.

Laura speaks about her life long passion for her music, her beginnings in Paris and her remarkable success as an independent artist. Laura...

Oct 30, 2007

Jeffrey's conversation with musician and writer Mike Hall.

Oct 29, 2007

Jeffrey's prescient 2007 conversation with Wall Street icon John Bogle predicting the 2008 collapse, and the deep underlying causes that have created an unstable speculator based economy and what he would do to correct it.

Amazing insights from the founder of the Vanguard Group, the worlds second largest mutual fund...

Oct 17, 2007

Jeffrey's conversation with Dr. Stephen Smith and his wife Glennis Walters about thier ongoing work with The Miracle Fund which provides quality health services to people around the world without access, and their magazine The Guide To Health and Healing.

Listen to two extraordinary visionaries recount their...