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Apr 29, 2006

Part 1 of 2

Jeffrey interviews filmmaker and expert Robert Nichol about his documentary "Star Dreams" which explores the burgeoning crop circles phenomenon and how it reveals sophisticated sacred geometry and advanced mathematics.

Robert shares his insights on the Mayan Calendar, Extraterrestrial intelligence and UFO...

Apr 21, 2006

The 21st Century Art Movement of Omni Art in context

Apr 14, 2006

Jeffrey's dialogue with international consultant and trainer Matthew Mitchell about his experiences with consciousness, mediation, and how spirituality intersects with his business life.



Apr 8, 2006

Jeffrey's thoughts on ones relationship to the divine in all things.

Apr 1, 2006

Jeffrey's dialogue with author Melissa Weiner about her experiences producing television in New York with PBS and her compelling work with as a publicist and consultant.