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UPA Value Goal 1
Human Value Economics

In this era of human development, the lifeblood of civilization relies on a well-designed and functioning economic exchange system.

Well-designed financial exchange systems are essential for human culture sustainability and expansion through stable currency value maintenance and free market practices to foster new ideas and services that advance freedom of choice, life transition support, and enhanced standards of living for all to enjoy.

Today, with computers and electronic transfer technology, money has become the essential medium for the exchange of goods and services and has outgrown it's role as a commodity open to leverage, speculation, and devaluation that defines its 100-year devolution and current status.

Freed from the archaic monetary system of currency creation in the form of interest-bearing bank loans and other debt instruments, which have been responsible for the exponential expansion of currency that has led to inflationary cycles denuding the face value of national currencies and the ensuing recession/depression corrective cycles that have injured countless individuals, seniors and the working poor with unexpected changes in economic realities, the time has come for the monetary system to evolve to sustainability for the support of human values for all citizens to enjoy.

In order to create a sustainable monetary system, a shift will need to be implemented that will affect two basic areas of currency creation and management.

The current privatized banking system will be replaced with a publicly controlled and operated United States Treasury Bank.

Money will be issued in the form of public bank loans without interest-bearing instrumentation by set fee as in every other business practice and profession around the world.

Currency and money will no longer be commodities, but only serve as a medium of exchange for goods and services and business startup and expansion. Each of these bank loans will be issued to individuals and companies based on needs and business expansion plans, and will be repayable to the USTB in the form of payments on principal only with added fees in a set amount.

By removing the currency from commodity markets, inflationary and deflationary systems of monetary expansion and contraction in the form of variable interest rates will end.

By replacing the privately controlled Federal Reserve Bank and it's self-interested managers and owners, and converting it to the publicly owned Untied States Treasury Bank, currency will be freed from the interests of the few for the interests of the people and will represent a fundamental shift towards sustainability, fairness and the equalization of individual opportunity and free enterprise for all members of society.

Pricing the services that the monetary agents (now called "bankers") deliver by fee is the correct and fundamentally equitable way for these services to be rewarded by the populace, just as the baker, doctor, lawyer, and designer charge by fee.

The interest rate mechanism at its core was designed to indenture individuals and extract their labor as leverage against ruin. This is especially obvious in the widespread issuance of predatory interest rate bearing credit cards and bank loans that cause undue burden upon the working poor and middle classes with debt that is arithmetically unpayable with interest payments exceeding principle by extreme multiples.

These interest rates add on multiples representing unearned income to the credit holders and eviserative wealth transfers from the working poor and middle classes to the coercive and indenturing leisure class.

In addition, these mammoth interest payments are recirculated into the money supply causing exponential inflation that continually erodes the face value of national and international currencies deeply impacting the elderly and those on fixed incomes with declining capacities to pay for needed products and services for life sustainability.

This vicious and ill-fated financial control system is a hangover of medieval Europe with regulated class structures designed to control populations by placing the majority of the population in a position of economic and political indenture, thereby allocating power, position, and privilege into the hands of an aristocratic few.

Today, this same structure has been continued along with the supposed "money managers" whose role has descended into a corrupted global gambling casino whose essential purpose is extracting wealth through institutionalized manipulation of stock and bond issues, national currency trading, and commodities leveraging. The effect of this global financial casino has been catastrophic on the welfare of the common laborer whose life depends on a currency that not only retains it's value, but also on those whose positions of stewardship take their jobs seriously enough to ensure that the economic exchange system is fair, balanced, and focused on providing a stable and reliable currency whose sole purpose is to enable the exchange of goods and services, which make up the lifeblood of a civilized and honorable free enterprise system.

Sadly, this picture of responsibility and honor has long been traded for the financial skullduggery that has become standard procedure for the developed nations.

It is not only time for a change – it is essential to avert catastrophic collapse of basic trust and respect that are essential to maintain functional governments and nations and maintain the welfare of the populations they are charged to serve by positions of leadership.

What can be done to remedy this desperate situation with a smooth transition to a workable and 21st century solution that embraces all players in the global community?

To establish an evolved system of monetary creation and exchange that enables human invention and innovation, private property rights, and free enterprise markets without parasitic investor encumbrance and gambling is the challenge of our times.

With the rapid acceleration of computer and Internet technology, which has made the world ever smaller and interconnected, a new investor role is emerging in a fresh economic paradigm that is forcing a comprehensive approach expanded greatly beyond the tribal collectives of banks, national interest groups, globally operating corporations, and the exceedingly small tiny number of controllers that each of these interest groups embody.

The collective interest of humanity and an evolved focus on respectful collaboration to lift humanity into a sustainable set of circumstances has already replaced the competing entities that have characterized the cultural warfare that has dominated national interest groups, corporate communities, and varying ethical and religious worldviews that power separatist ethics behind a world at war with itself.

As in the American Civil War, values of freedom and justice for all human citizens prevailed against the atrocity of human enslavement with the releasing of the inherent potential of individual capacity for independence and cooperation with the greater whole. Today, human evolution is demanding structural economic, political and social changes that empower and free, support and nurture, and inspire individuals to dream and live large and at the same time work to ensure that the same thing is available to all members of the human family.

This is the new society, and this is the long-term American Dream realized.

Evolved business models are emerging that embrace all contributors to every human enterprise and endeavor, eliminating greed as the motivator for social recognition and approval, and replacing it with the evolved goal of providing excellence in service and support to a thriving human culture.

Human institutions that embrace and promote cooperation, collaboration without losers, is the only approach to human affairs and institutional management that has any validity in a world that exceeds 7 billion human residents. Every single individual member of humanity must succeed in order for any one of us to succeed by any measure of success in this new model for humanity in the 21st century.

This new paradigm system will soon transcend and supplant classical economics, traditional capitalism, entrenched socialism, narrowly conceived Marxism, and social democracy replacing it with universally agreed upon intrinsic value-based economic and social institutions that place the well being and the growth of the individual within the context of the collective as paramount.

By fostering personal and cooperative economic and social growth as the primary goal, The Universal Party of America honors the traditions of the past while embracing the future in the following way as we transition to a world that works for everyone.

UPA Value Goal 2
Publicly Financed Campaigns

Implementing a leadership selection process utilizing public debate for presentation of individual candidates for citizens' representation. In addition to this publicly mandated structure of a representative selection process is a "Mandated by Citizenship Responsibilities Guideline" requiring full participation in all public matters. This participation will include education surrounding basic issues facing the group and required voting and agreement to national and state-level responsibilities to the whole.

UPA Value Goal 3
Voluntary, Fee-Based Governmental Program Contributions

If a citizen uses a particular service provided by a governmental entity, then they are assessed a fee for that service. Fees are only paid for services received either directly or indirectly. If a citizen refuses payment for services received, they will be required to face an arbitration panel to voice personal grievances with resolution instituted by a council comprised of citizens and government representatives.

UPA Value Goal 4
Interest Field Councils

The current for-profit lobbyist system will be replaced with Interest Field Councils that make recommendations for specific actions needed to address special needs related to particular interest fields held by groups or collectives within society. These actions are subject to review and must be approved by all members of a concern for ratification. Majority rule will be replaced with Entirety rule, which requires agreement from all parties represented in a dispute. Without collective agreement, any controlling group will not implement coercion unless it can be proven that a dissenting individual or individuals are colluding for purpose of destructive impulse or unwarranted dominance.

UPA Value Goal 5
The United States Treasury Bank

The USTBS will be commissioned to provide a sustainable monetary exchange system operated solely for the purpose of enabling citizens to exchange goods and services at market determined rates of value and to ensure that the currency maintains its value over time.

The use of interest-bearing debt instrumentation will be replaced with fee-based monetary allocation instruments that are issued by public banks and guaranteed by the USTB.

Citizens endeavoring to initiate new business enterprises in this 21st century modeling will be given assistance through the assignment of a personal financial agent from the USTB to assist them in plans for and opening of a new business enterprise.

Because the individual citizen or group of citizens will be receiving financial resources from the publicly-owned and controlled USTB, they will be individually and collectively responsible depending on their internal company agreements to the USTB for repayment of resources.

Since the USTB collectively represents the interests of the culture in which it operates, the governance of its management mission is to provide the education, resources, and maintenance of its assets in all financial transactions whether they be for the opening of new business enterprises, the maintenance of business in its care, or the support of its members, from infancy through life exit. All financial programs are designed to encourage individual accomplishment, independence and life support through all manner of life challenges.

Because the USTB by definition represents the interests of its member citizens, exchange currency will be issued in the form of principal distributions with a one-time fee that will be added to the principal amount issued.

In this way, the recipient of funds clearly knows exactly what they are responsible to pay back to the USTB since there will be no revolving or accumulating interest charges, balloon payments, or any other arcane interest-bearing financial instruments involved.

The fee system will eliminate indenturing, interest-bearing instrumentation and ensure that the responsibility for repayment is based on respectful acknowledgment to the whole of society and its continued well being.

Problems encountered with repayment such as business failures will be reviewed for settlement by small advisory councils made up of USTB representatives and citizens who, through arbitration, decide fair and reasonable outcomes with the USTB and the recipients of the funding interests fully represented for consideration.

Public service repayment programs shall be instituted whereby services can be traded to the public weal in exchange for the remaining balance of the unpaid funding received in a reasonable manner over mutually agreed upon conditions.

This will eliminate irresponsible fund requests and spending by the fund recipients and ensure that the USTB assets are maintained in good order for the member citizens who are shareholders of its assets.

UPA Value Goal 6
Single Issue Legislation

All legislation will be on a single-issue basis addressed by both houses of congress for debate with direct citizen input and final passage confirmed by direct citizen vote and presidential ratification.

UPA Value Goal 7
Commercial Public Interest Guidelines

Any entity, corporation, or individual that is involved in any economic or social activity within the borders of the United States is responsible for paying into the system regardless wherever its headquarters are geographically located.

UPA Value Goal 8
Institution of the 4 Propositions

Originally written in 1986, the Four Propositions are 4 four fundamental, broad-based initiatives designed to address the primary shared dilemmas facing humanity.
  • Propositions 1 & 2:
    The Global Information Agency & The Council on the Family of Humanity

    This council will be responsible for producing educational programming to be facilitated by The Global Information Agency regarding population growth and management, demographic resource usage and environmental impact findings, multicultural research studies, and minority group status reporting.

    The collection and disbursement of this comprehensive information is to be made available through an Internet print and media site. The Council on the Family of Humanity will provide educational programming and resources for mainstream and alternative health care and the examination of socio-cultural issues prevailing today with a focus towards global cultural cooperation.

  • Proposition 3:
    The Alternative Energy Transportation Initiative

    This initiative requires 80% of the output of the automobile and truck industry be powered by alternative energy sources, i.e., electric, fuel cell, and hydrogen within 10 years.

  • Proposition 4:
    The Symposium on New Economics

    The current global economy has migrated to a multilevel value exchange network with The International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank, and European Central Bank systems as primary issuers of currencies and debts to individuals, corporations, and nations for life support.

    As stated before, this financial allocation and management system has encumbered economies for hundreds of years with parasitic bureaucracies and private interests that have effectively transferred huge amounts of wealth into the controlling hands of a few while eroding the face value of every currency around the world and destabilizing the sustainability of the majority of the human population.

    A healthy economic system must support and perpetuate economic exchange and growth without encumbering individuals or other social entities with the inflationary and destabilizing use of interest-bearing instruments as a mechanism to expand or contract the supply of currency for economic purposes.

    This critical fundamental flaw in the currency allocation and management system of our time must be replaced with the United States Treasury Bank system outlined above.

    By reorganizing and streamlining the currency allocation and management system through the implementation of the United States Treasury Bank system and working out its detailed structure and management in a symposium for new economics to provide structural guidelines for its operation through representatives from the general population and experts from across disciplines of the economic and social sciences, humanity can be assured that coercive instruments of governmental and economic institutions will not be utilized against their interests and freedoms, and will enable the standard of living for world citizens as reflected in education, health care, housing, nutrition, family planning, and the cultural arts to grow and reach maximum potential over time.

    As concerns of nationalism evolve to responsible global partnerships for human sustainability, the symposium can act as a springboard and facilitator to define a more inspired and comprehensive vision for supporting all life on Earth in a sustainable way.

UPA Value Goal 9
Universal Rights of Nature

Recognizing the interdependency of life on Earth and acknowledging the common benefit of sustainability in the economic and social life arena's, The Universal Party of America embraces and promotes shared responsibility for reclaiming and maintaining ecological balancing and impact reducing technologies to create an economically and socially sustainable civilization for all humanity.

Acknowledging the intrinsic sacred value of sentient life and interdependent ecosystems both broad based and specific, The Universal Party of America promotes respectful exchange models of communication and economic development recognizing the wisdom traditions of indigenous cultures in cooperation with the exigencies of human populations.

UPA Value Goal 10
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which have served as an international bar of human anthropological achievement.

The Universal Party of America fully endorses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seeks to expand its adherence around the world through integrating the deepest universal values and goals of its foundation and purpose.

The full text of this historic document can be found on the United Nations website at this address:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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