Values & Goals


The 6 Quality of Life Proclamations

The 6 Quality of Life Proclamations of The Universal Party of America are core values and principles that serve as guidelines for policy and standards that it's political candidates, representatives, and citizen members embrace and seek to implement through public discourse, lawmaking, and socio-political actions.

Universal Representative Government

Universal Wealth Sustainability

Universal Health Care

Universal Housing and Nutrition

Universal Education

Universal Elder Care

Proclamation 1
Universal Representative Government

  • Publicly-financed campaigns.
  • Elimination of the special interest lobbyist system.
  • Elimination of corporate personhood legal status.
  • Environmental accountability for commercial and corporate enterprises as it impacts natural systems and resources.
  • Renewed focus and defense of individual rights with respect for lawful conduct in the public interest.

Proclamation 2.
Universal Wealth Sustainability

  • Embracing the U.S. Treasury Department as managing agent for the money supply
    in the United States.
  • Transitioning the Federal Reserve Bank into the publicly-owned U.S. Treasury Bank system whose sole purpose is to provide a reliable currency exchange system free from private interest manipulation.
  • Establishment of a truly free market enterprise system fostering integrity, creativity, and ingenuity for sustainable generational support.

Proclamation 3.
Universal Health Care

  • Expanding support for both traditional and alternative medical approaches in a synthesis of healthcare options for individual choice for all citizens.
  • Establishment of a not-for-profit health care system for all citizens as public service and public weal.

Proclamation 4.
Universal Housing and Nutrition

Recognizing that the vast majority of citizens are wholly dependent upon resources and institutions for life support in concentrated metropolitan and suburban areas in a post-industrial commercial environment which has fostered intolerable levels of human suffering, economic inequity and social division, which social and economic institutions have not kept abreast to meet, The Universal Party of America endorses and seeks to implement:
  • Guaranteed human family support structures and institutions that guarantee basic housing and nutrition for every citizen as a guarantee of basic human rights regardless of
    life stance or transition status.

  • This guarantee for basic housing and nutrition serves not as a replacement for self-support and personal responsibility for independence, but as a safety net for those who are reasonably unable to provide for themselves from exigencies beyond their control, or for education and training for life and work enhancement.

Proclamation 5.
Universal Education

  • Guarantee of life-long educational access for all citizens through a publicly-administered allocation system with counselor support and planning services for major life transitions and goal achievement.
  • Individual obligation for education received in the universal education access system will be in the form of individually administered exchange agreements that determine fair value exchange for educational program benefits received. This exchange can be in the form of cash payments derived from income earned in private enterprise or a trade for public service or a combination of both.

Proclamation 6.
Universal Elder Care

  • Guarantee for all senior American citizens of quality housing, nutrition, and health services for the final phases of life based on needs and personal resources.

The core philosophy of The Universal Party of America is to support and encourage self-development and growth for every member of the human family regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation, and to design and implement laws that inspire and direct human organizations and individual actions towards creating a sustainable future, economically and socially for humankind to enjoy.

The Universal Party of America acts to ensure that special interest groups, whether they are financial, belief-based or political, have no advantage over the individual who is enabled to live independently without interference in their private affairs to pursue self-enhancement and educational excellence.

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