Values & Goals


In 237 years, the American experiment has achieved much to be astonished by and deeply grateful for.

Breakthroughs in women's rights, children's rights, minority rights, and economic and social justice have been established first through education and awareness over a period of time, and hammered into place through political and legal structures and laws that ensure sustainability and lasting change.

Each generation has its missives and missions and our generation may have different challenges than all of our predecessors, but we share the common goal of making life new and better for more people with more depth than ever before.

In 1948, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written and presented to a world recovering from the atrocities of World War II.

This declaration was a huge milestone that marked the dawn of a new epoch for humanity to aspire to, setting the bar for what constituted universal civilization to which all nations could be held accountable.

Today, these universal human rights are the driving force behind every conflict and war as billions demand justice and freedom from tyranny of every stripe in every corner of the world. And this universal quest for freedom and justice will not be satisfied until every single man, woman, and child lives a free and unencumbered life.

We hereby reclaim the powerful underpinnings of The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights that serve as the foundation for individual liberty and justice and affirm our commitment to embody its highest principles not yet realized.

And so, we once again pick up the plowshares and dedicate ourselves to these ideals as we embark with a new determination, informed creativity and earned wisdom to imagine a world that transcends worn structures through enlightened institutions and programs that enable the next evolutionary step for humanity to enjoy.

The Universal Party of America is hereby founded and we invite you to explore the vision of a New United States of America that realizes its highest and fullest destiny.

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