About Jeffrey Milburn

As the founder of the Omni art movement, Jeffrey Milburn has created large and small-scale performance installations at benefits, private events, and museums of his groundbreaking show “The Universalist Group.”

Cited as a true Renaissance man for the 21st Century, Milburn was a presenter at the Young Presidents Organization conference in Aspen Colorado in 1998 speaking on “The Creative Arts of the 21st Century” tracing the evolution of art, science and consciousness and its impact today.

According to Omni Art cosmology, all sentient experience occurs within a five dimensional quantum paradigm. This five dimensional quantum paradigm encompasses the visible and invisible universe in an upwardly-spiraling fractal vortex. Milburn’s performance installations depict aspects and themes of these five dimensions through art, music and movement.

Since 2005 Milburn has been host of the worlds first cyber art salon, interviewing some of the world’s most innovative thought leaders.