The Conscious Life Expo with Robert Quicksilver

Robert_QuicksilverJeffrey’s wonderful conversation with Robert Quicksilver the executive producer of the Conscious Life Expo and Emy Shanti, artist, healer, and psychologist from Argentina.

Emy_ShantiRobert also has produced the Wisdom Festivals in San Francisco and was founder and director of Star Magic, a national chain of new age gift stores.

The Conscious Life  Expo has a long history of providing a forum for thought leaders to offer their collective wisdom  about our constantly evolving and transforming universe.  It ihas been described as a three-day gathering of the tribes and celebration of evolution and consciousness as well as a brainstorming session on who we are, where we are and where we are going.

Omni Art Salon theme music Song of a HU is provided by musician and composer David Young.



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