Crop Circles Explained

Respondability - What the Crop Circle Secret with Freddie SilvaJeffrey visits with Freddy Silva, author, filmmaker and speaker about his extensive work researching and documenting the crop circle phenomenon (over 10,000 worldwide) in his best selling book Secrets in The Fields and now newly released documentary Stairways to Heaven which explores those unique places on Earth where the veil between worlds or dimensions is thinnest.

Stairways to Heaven is currently showing in it’s fourth month of an uninterrupted run at The Film Center in Santa Fe, home to The Santa Fe Film Festival. Drawing connections between David Sereda’s work with Dan Akroyd in his film Evidence: The Case for NASA UFO’s, and Dan Akroyd unplugged on UFO’s. the real meaning behind the Mayan Calendar, and Dan Browns research for The DaVinci Code, Freddy explains who is making the crop circles and why and how he got into this extraordinary work.

Sharing many fascinating details about the crop circles and the consciousness they represent, the sacred sites in Europe which have been appropriated by the Catholic Church and how the mainstream media has largely ignored the importance of the communication they carry, Freddy divulges a rich and varied interview full of insight, depth and humor. Enjoy!

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