Dance of the Dolphins with Marta MacBeth


Jeffrey’s lovely conversation with Marta MacBeth who has been making trips to Costa Rica to swim with the dolphins and engage with them through music and drumming for many years. Marta tells her amazing stories of her developed relationship with dolphins and how they are teaching all of us the deeper side of the interconnectedness of life through unconditional love.

Marta says that Dolphins have been calling to her for a long time in her dreams and that the first time she swam with them she experienced an unconditional love that was so unique that it was simply indescribable.

dolphinss-1050x787Marta’s focus and priority has been to travel the world, explore many cultures and to create extraordinary memories for others, so she and the love of her life, Craig, have co-created the Dolphin Tours and have been leading drumming and dolphin tours for many years in Costa Rica.

The joy of communicating with dolphins through drumming is so compelling and spell binding that Marta and Craig are always opening these tours up to others who would also like to experience unbounded dolphin joy

The Omni Art Salon theme music Song of a HU is provided by musician and composer David Young.

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