The Great Dance Wave with Char Tara Albert – Part 2

ctara1Jeffrey’s  terrific conversation with Char Tara Albert about her creation of  WaveDancz Transformative Movement System which encompasses a blend of yoga, rebirthing, theater, voice, dance and psychology.

Heres what Char Tars has to say about WaveDancz:

wavedanczlogon“Everything in the universe is in constant flow or cycle, every atom, our bodies, nature, the whole Earth, all the planets and galaxies, everything moving freely between polarities, yin to yang and every cycling. The Yogi’s call this the in and out breath of the Divine, the endless expanding and contracting nature of energy. When some aspect of our energy stops moving, just like water in a river, our energy stagnates or goes into inertia. For example an adrenal gland that has become over stressed ceases to produce adequate amounts of adrenal hormones thus creating adverse effects. The energy got stuck in contraction and congealed there. By utilizing imagery of waves and practicing undulating movements we encourage our energy to move out of inertia and disease and back into flow.

Char Tara is also co-inventor of Homeopathic Tauroxâ, a homeopathic product for reducing fatigue, allergies, colds and flu supported by clinical evidence.

The Omni Art Salon theme music When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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