The Measure of A Man with Mike Hall

Jeffrey’s great conversation with musician, writer and legal expert Mike Hall.   Mike has always been focused on consciousness as long as he can remember – he started keeping a journal when he was only twelve years old.  He had his first out of body experience during a high school football game but didn’t lose his virginity until his third year of college.

After practicing law in New York for twelve years of his life, Mike realized that he didn’t really like being a lawyer, and moved to New Mexico in 1992,  publishing two books recounting his spiritual adventures and learning’s and in the process completed two national book signing tours.

He has had many jobs as many who move to New Mexico experience to survive, and so Mike waited tables and worked as a night watchman before eventually becoming administrator of the entire state court system.

At present, Mike serves as executive director of the New Mexico Sentencing Commission, the state’s Sex Offender Management Board and the Justice Information Sharing Council, which he chairs.  Very accomplished in his professional career and able to bring a sense of love and compassion to even these very serious halls of power and social responsibility, Mike heart and soul is focused on his undying love and passion for his musical expression, playing the piano, and his vision of touching audiences everywhere with his music.

As an active member of the clergy of Eckankar, a spiritual path that focuses on the light and sound as the twin pillars of divine connection to the heart of life, Mike still journals everyday and journeys both into the beyond and into his life in his body on a daily basis.

Today’s conversation with Mike is a touching look into his experiences as he has grown to embrace his musical expression through playing the piano and also an authentic glimpse into his heart as he shares the monologue he performed at The Testosterone Testimonials in May of this year.  Full of joy and love, Mike adds his story and shares his first foray into recorded music with his new CD called Higher Places to the growing list of heart connected people who come to The Omni Art Salon and share their personal connection to wisdom and authenticity.

The Omni Art Salon theme music When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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