The Healing Drum with Toby Christensen – Part 2

Jeffrey has a great conversation with Toby Christensen, The Healing Drummer, a recognized expert and innovator in the field of healing music.

“Change Your Rhythm and Change Your Life” is the foundation of his healing therapies, his teachings and his music. Toby uses sound energy from the drum to create a force that disrupts unhealthy patterns and then combines elemental rhythms to restore and realign the mind, body and spirit. Toby travels across the country reaching thousands of people through his healing sessions, drumming circles, workshops, and interactive concerts. His mission is to show people the healing power and transformative energy of drumming.

How does it work? Science has already shown that we are energetic beings vibrating to rhythms on both a cellular and sub-atomic level. Toby’s combination of ancient drumming and modern science called, Sound Attunement Therapy, helps to reconfigure your bio-energetic structure promoting healing and restoring energy. Recent studies acknowledge that therapeutic drumming is effective in dealing with a wide range of mental, physical and emotional issues including: pain and stress relief, immune system function, AIDS, high blood pressure, adrenal failure, cancer, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. But you only need to talk to Toby’s clients to be convinced of the healing power of drumming. Time and time again, people report feeling magically transformed with unbelievable energy after an experience with Toby, to live a more healthy and satisfying life.

Toby is a study in contrasts, part rock drummer part ancient healer and a bundle of kinetic joyous energy. He has taken a long and amazing journey to find his passion and mission in life. A childhood drumming prodigy he grew up playing in professional bands and he still brings that boyish energy to his current work. Always religious, he went to divinity school and became a pastor/evangelist traveling the US and Canada preaching the “Good News”. After becoming disillusioned with the big business of religion, Toby changed his life dramatically. He plunged into business and found success as a senior executive for a major corporation and then as an entrepreneur with a successful line of coffee stores, Greyhawk Coffee.

Throughout all of this, Toby continued to search a greater meaning in his life. At a retreat he was introduced to the African teacher and drummer, Malidoma Some‘, the connection was instantaneous and they drummed together long into the night. “It was as if everything woke up in me all at once. My new life began that day.” Toby began intensive study in both Healing Drumming and Shamanism. He went to Africa to study with Malidoma and Ritual Master Sobonfu Some‘. He also studied Native American Traditions and at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. After years of study under these experts and with their blessings, he went out on his own.

Toby has authored books and articles and recorded many CD’s and his concerts are energetic interactive experiences of music, drumming and dancing. He travels from his home in Park City, UT across the country to conduct individual and group healing sessions, drumming circles, classes and workshops. Toby is the inventor of Sound Attunement Therapy.

His latest therapeutic invention is the Crystal Healing Bed, an amazing construct of copper, crystals, and sacred geometry that intensifies the healing forces of the drum. Toby has just introduced the 5 Element Drumming DVD and CD where he teaches you how to use your drum as a tool of personal empowerment. He also shares the meaning and energy of the 5 Elements of the Dagara West African Medicine Wheel. Toby also works with organizations and groups in numerous communities. From speeches and corporate team-building to out-reach programs for youth and the elderly.

The Omni Art Salon theme music When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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