Bioacoustic Biology and Vocal Profiling with Sharry Edwards

Jeffrey’s conversation with Sharry Edward’s, Director of The Sound Health Alternative & Resource Center International that is dedicated to the pioneering and emerging field of Human BioAcoustics.

Through the concept of vocal coherence, Sharry has been able to demonstrate that the human voice is a unique frequency representation of the structural and biochemical aspects of the body.  Courses developed from the technology, pioneered by Sharry, is the genesis of a three level certificate course offered by Hocking College’s Allied Health Program.  Last year Steve Halpern announced that Edward’s’ courses are the only credit certificate program dedicated to SOUND HEALING in the United States.

An international speaker, author and leader in the field of SOUND HEALTH, Sharry is regularly invited to lecture and conduct workshops for professionals concerning the body’s own unique ability, through voice spectral analysis, to diagnose and prescribe for itself. Her research began nineteen years when she discovered her unusual hearing and vocal abilities. Tests revealed Sharry could hear sounds beyond the normal range of human hearing. The audiologist also found Sharry could vocally produce sine waves.  This incident led Sharrys’ first project which revealed her ability to control a person’s blood pressure by as much as 32 points using her voice.

When Sharry continued the studies, she eventually found it necessary to form the research-based company, Sound Health Alternative & Resource Center International, Inc., in order to facilitate the myriad of interested researchers.

Sharry structured Creating Sound Environments classes to teach others the technique of BIOACOUSTICS.  Recent interest in this study of Sound Health has been so great that to date there are over 3000 people who have taken the classes, and there are several certified instructors besides Edward’s.

Sharry travels extensively around the world to teach classes and workshops in BIOACOUSTICS and to lecture at conferences, conventions, and expositions. A summa cum laude graduate of Ohio University in interpersonal communication and education, Sharry is pursuing a doctorate.

She has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs. According to New Dimensions, the Journal of New Dimensions radio,

“Sharry Edward’s: The Sound Of Healing” was the most popular program cassette for several consecutive months and it continues to remain a top seller.

Energy Medicine, the documentary about her pioneering research, was honored with the Silver Pyramid Award for providing innovative information to the public. Her new documentary, Sonic Apothecary outlines the educational and research components of BioAcoustics that continues at Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio.

Sharry has authored several published books including Making of a Soul, Amanimology Handbook, and Why Teach Parapsychology as well as hundreds of articles.

Articles discussing her work have appeared in publications such as Health Consciousness,Explore!, Whole Life Times, International Conference of Physical Research Journal, Borderland Science, Planetary Connections, and New Frontiers of Science, Nexus, Inner Realm, Spectrum, New Freedom News, Townsend Letters for Doctors and Nurses, as well as several international and foreign publications.

As the work progresses, Edward’s and her work is quoted in articles and publications around the world.

Sharry’s unique talents are the genesis of the work of BioAcoustics. The foundation that she has created based upon her esoteric talent, shows that many a good idea starts with only a vision.

Sharry realizes that the potential to heal using sound and rhythm is not new but states clearly that “sometimes a new idea is a blending of two old ideas who have never met.” Such is her vision. To make a difference by using new technology to bring to life, in a different way, what we already experience.

I think you will find my conversation engaging, personal and uplifting and a fascinating look into the future of medicine based in physics and the human energetic signature.

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