Tibetan Vibrational Healing with Richard Rudis – Part 2

Jeffrey has a lovely conversation with Richard Rudis, owner of Illuminarium Convergence, a purveyor of culturally significant artifacts from the Himalayan Kingdoms of Tibet, Nepal, India and Bhutan.

Richard is an American practitioner of the Vajrayana school of Tibetan Buddhism and a long time pilgrim of sacred sites and teachings across Asia. Having studied Eastern philosophy for over thirty years, Richard was granted refuge in the Buddha from His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa while in Tibet. He teaches Buddhist Dharma and conducts ‘Vibrational Sound Healing Workshops,’ using traditional Himalayan instruments. He is also a researcher and writer on the subject of Tibetan Buddhism vibrational sound healing.

Richard will be conducting an evening event at the upcoming International Sound healing Conference called the “Gong Bath – A Sojourn into Vibrational Sound Healing.”

The Gong Bath is a mind altering, dynamic meditation experience designed to soothe, inspire, heal and awaken spirit. It begins with the intrinsic harmonizing properties of ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls. The voices of the bowls pave a path into which the transformational sound waves of the Ghia Gong soon blends.

This remarkable instrument is precisely tuned to match the vibratory signature of planet Earth in her oscillating dance with the Sun. Near eternal movements resonate at 136.1 hz. the frequency of the ‘Universal Chord,’ AUM, the ancient syllable of creation.

According to Richard, participants will be bathed with rising and falling rhythms, tonalities and multi-tonal octaves that are naturally revitalizing in character.

I think you will find my conversation with Richard most uplifting and informative as we explore many aspects of Tibetan Buddhism and how sound can be used for healing and raising one’s consciousness.

It’s a wonderful conversation that opens up many avenues that are rarely exposed from the depth of the Tibetan Buddhist path.

The Omni Art Salon theme music When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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