Dancing in The Light and Sound with David Christel

Jeffrey has a delightful conversation with David Christel, author, former dancer and therapist who danced professionally in New York for 14 years. David has performed all over the world, the Kennedy Center, appeared on PBS Great Performances twice, and taught at major dance schools everywhere with experiences with The New York City Ballet, Michael Baryshnikov, Leonard Bernstein, Martha Graham, May O’Donnell and many others.

Retiring from the dance world in 1986 at the Santa Fe Opera House, David immediately moved into computers becoming an expert in computer-based training and winning a national award for CBT project design in 1992. David has led projects that included NASA’s International Space Station, Top Gun School, NYNEX, Northern Telecom, American Airlines, and Halliburton.

For 18 years, David worked with Persons With AIDS in a therapeutic capacity and in 1988 founded the AIDS Response Holistic Health Program in San Diego, now the largest program of its kind in the country. He currently ghost writes books and has 7 books of his own in progress. He is President of the Santa Fe Rape Crisis and Trauma Treatment Center Board and Endowment Fund Chair.

David speaks about his experiences in world of dance in New York and how he overcame paralysis against all the predictions of the doctors who consulted him. It is a fascinating recounting of a miraculous experience and what is possible when one focuses with determination and discipline to overcome even the most impossible odds.

The Omni Art Salon theme music, When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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