The Pyramid Texts of Om Sety – Part 2

Jeffrey’s incredible conversation with Dr. Melinda Pillsbury Arnold, interfaith minister, and author of Omm Sety Remembered and The Fertile Crescent Revisited: Awakening the Buried Feminine to Heal Trauma.

An expert in depth psychology, world religion, mythology, and cultural anthropology, Dr. Arnold has led women’s groups throughout the world exploring ancient feminine mystery rites and has been the curator of the Om Sety Manuscripts written by Dorothy Louise Eadykeeper of the Abydos Temple of Seti I and draughtswomen for the Department of Egyptian Antiquities.

 Conducting curated tours of sacred sites throughout Europe and Egypt, Dr. Arnold’s special expertise and depth of knowledge regarding the Pyramid Texts and the Egyptian Mystery schools and the sacred areas of Abydos as they relate to the revelations in the Omm Sety manuscripts is unsurpassed as this rare and extraordinary conversation in three parts reveals.

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