The Divine Mermaid

Jeffrey has a fun filled conversation with artist and writer Margot Datz whose prolific works appear in many places, both in private homes and public community landmarks such as the steamship terminal in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts where her fabulous mural serves as a greeting and a goodbye for visitors and residents alike.

With her diverse talent, Margot has crated scenes from Tuscany, gnome tableau’s, dreams of whaling days departed, and fancies that rival the delights of Hieronymus Bosch, Shaker borders, a faux tool shed and most things in between on walls in private homes whose owners define the various permutations of fame, fortune and talent.

Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Rolling Stone, Newsweek, and on the airwaves of National Public Radio, PBS, and CNN. Her work is also in the corporate collections of Xerox and Amoco Oil, and as an 80 foot mural at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Margot has been living off her art since she was 21, and even though her formal education came from New York’s SUNY university system, Margot’s artists eye was more schooled traipsing around New Orleans during Mardi Gras than paying attention in lecture halls at school.

Margot has always loved costumes and anything that was exotic, and it shows up in her work whose spirit captures the fanciful, sweet and provocatively revealing. Margot has also owned two art galleries, and has functioned as an interior designer. She lives a prodigious art filled mermaid life on Martha’s Vineyard.

Margot’s book, A Survival Guide for the Land Locked Mermaid – a collection of her wisdom and fantastic art, focuses on the the importance of feminine solidarity, and personal expression balanced with discretion.

Margot feels that The Landlocked Mermaid is a symbol of the contemporary woman, trapped in a paradoxical dilemma of being part worldly and domesticated, and part untamable and intuitive.

Margot’s writing and art unlock the she-nymph struggling to emerge from within, in a swirl of whimsical and witty wisdom that lovingly offers tips for today’s world of dating, mating, and beyond.

Margot’s whimsical and loving hearted art is a true reflection of her own warmth, wit and adventurous spirit.

I think you will find my conversation with Margot full of delightfully creative insights and observations and a great introduction to a lovely artist and writer who has followed her own unique path to make a life fulled with beauty.

The Omni Art Salon theme music, When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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