Clearing the Inner Bodies for Real Change

Jeffrey has a fascinating and revealing conversation with Etheric Therapist Vickie Cashman about her discovery of an ancient system of clearing and healing the inner bodies that profoundly effect our human life experience. Vickie has been involved in the healing arts for over 25 years and freely shares her incredible wisdom and findings that hundreds of her clients have found so remarkably helpful.

The clearing work is based on an in-depth understanding of the 5 inner bodies and seven chakra energy system. The clearing work in this form is very unique and has a growing list of transformed clients.

Here is what some of them are saying:

“The clearings have removed the clutter so my inner guidance comes through more clearly. I feel more balanced: it’s improved my life tremendously.”

Peggy Ludwick

“After the Clearings, I feel better about myself”

Stacy Simpson

“After my treatment, I experienced a release from a long standing condition of stress-related headaches. I have also found that a resource from within me has been released that enables me to communicate in negative situations maintaining a clear and direct manner while at the same time being sensitive and compassionate, I expect to see more improvements as time goes on.”

Jim Crowder

“After a session, so many of the thoughts, actions, and beliefs I was troubled by in my life became clear as to why they had been a part of my life. Jeffrey helped in clearing a path for attitudinal and behavioral change to move forward with more grace and insight. I was so impressed with the experience, I have since given clearings with Jeffrey as gifts to friends”

Karen Woodard

“After the sessions I feel like I can be more myself. I feel so much better that words just can’t describe it”

Lex Phillips

“It’s the only healing process that has reached my real inner problems rather than treating the symptoms”

Carolyn Darland

The reason we need clearings is because that over the years our inner bodies and chakra’s have accumulated thought forms, attitudes, judgments and beliefs which may have helped us as children, however, as adults they have become blockages which stop us from living a productive and balanced life. We feel stuck, stagnant and we don’t know why. We just know something is wrong and that life is not everything it could be. Our inner world is blocked and life gets hard and complicated.

When we clear these blockages our electromagnetic river (our spirit) begins to flow. We are electromagnetic beings after all; and since we are both matter and spirit, the spirit part of us is designed to flow through every cell in the outer and inner bodies. Each cell has the intelligence and imprint of the whole, a hologram.

During childhood and adult traumas (falls, accidents, abuse) the spirit flowing in each body part and chakra can become fixed or stuck in the past. These Spirit pieces can be healed and brought up to the present. When healed and in the “now”, we regain our self esteem and sense of Self. We then begin to realize the 99% of our inner world. We come out of Spiritual Bankruptcy and reconnect with our Inner Treasure, our own individual Spirit, which is connected to the Whole.

I invite you to listen to Vickie speak about the discovery of this remarkable new work and how it can deeply benefit anyone. The window on the website that says 5 dimensional Clearings can be accessed if this work draws your attention and you want to know more.

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