The Power of Positivity

Jeffrey has a wonderful conversation with Deborah Koppel Mitchell, a Circle leader, facilitator and the publisher of Spheres Circles Magazine and Web site. She is also a contributing-author of the book “Inspiration to Realization; Real Women Reveal Proven Strategies for Personal, Business, Financial and Spiritual Fulfillment,” compiled by “Conscious Business Coach,” Christine Kloser, of Love Your Life Publishing AND-is the author of the upcoming series, “Notes from a Modern Day Pollyanna.”

Deborah is also the creator of the “Pollyanna Power-Positive Attitude In Action,” series and product line she started developing in
September of 2007.

In 1998, inspired by an amazing group of like-minded women in her life, Deborah got “the nudge” to call together her first Women’s Circle, because she knew that bringing women together in this way would create magic.

As she realized that her own work was part of a growing movement in women’s spirituality, Deborah launched Spheres Circles Magazine, and began developing the magazine and events as a direct source of connection designed to support and encourage more women and men to create circles and to bring Circle Principles into daily life.
Deborah’s experience with Circles inspired her quote; “Circles create pockets-of-peace.” (To sign up to receive the new free Spheres Circular E-zine click on the Sphere’s banner to the left).

Deborah’s experience acting in film, commercials, and as a talk show host on “Women Talk with Deborah Koppel,” a public access television show that aired for two years, helped Deborah to develop her skills as a Circle leader, speaker, and facilitator.

Drawing on more than 10 years of experience in marketing, public relations, events, and facilitating Circles, Deborah’s work continues to evolve and grow as she creates more and more venues for connecting with the intention of benefiting ALL.

I think you will find this conversation with Deborah a delightful investigation into the power of being positive and what being a modern day Pollyanna really means, something that should surprise you, I know it did me.

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