Transcendent Nijinsky

Jeffrey has an exploratory conversation with dance reviewer and author Dan Gesmer of Boulder, Colorado.
Dan was born in Illinois in 1963. In 1986 he earned his undergraduate degree from Yale, where he wrote a thesis on Vaslav Nijinsky’s artistic and philosophical vision. In the years following he became well-known as an artistic innovator in flatland freestyle skateboarding.

In 1993 this led him to found Seismic Skate Systems, Inc., a prominent manufacturer of high-performance gear for skateboard long-boarding and racing.

Since the late 1990s Dan has written about Nijinsky for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, international dance journals, and museum exhibition catalogs.

Listen to an in depth examination of a remarkable dancer that transformed the world of dance forever with his major transcendent and consciousness expanding contribution to movement and dance and how deeply it has influenced the movement arts for the generations since.

The Omni Art Salon theme music, When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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