Navigating the Growth Curve

Jeffrey has a terrific conversation with James Fischer, a successful entrepreneur, consultant, business leader, trainer, CEO coach, educator, author and speaker.

James is a true Renaissance man with interests in art, music, architecture, and of course, enlightened business practices. As a cofounder of the Origin Institute in 2002,

James contributes an unusual breadth of experience and insight into the key challenges confronting every growth leader today. Origin Institute specializes in releasing the powerful core intelligence of enterprises with up to 350 employees, assisting business leaders make fact-based decisions, effectively integrating their people, their processes and the design of their company’s profitability to help tap into the core intelligence of their organization. The Institute’s ongoing research spans more than 700 companies, in 35 industries and is designed to provide updated and proven knowledge on how businesses deal with the challenges of growth. Origin’s clients have experienced deeper insight into organizational growth and their businesses have flourished as they learned the value of ‘tapping into the intelligence of their organization’.

What makes James methodology unique is that it is not the standard mechanistic approach to business management, but rather is a well-documented, integrated endeavor that effectively guides any organization along the growth curve with an emphasis on the consciousness and fluid nature of the spirit of that organization.

James delivers a brilliant understanding of the natural order of life observed in sacred geometry and human consciousness and brings this deeper wisdom to the business world with a new classic that transcends dull business books of the past with an awakened understanding that is leading the way in this early stage of the 21st century.

Here are some comments about James and his book:

“Bravo and well done! A brilliant read! Navigating the Growth Curve is a 21st century business masterpiece. It is a clear step above and beyond,in a class all by itself!

If I could choose only one book on growing a business successfully, Navigating the Growth Curve is it. James Fischer’s writing style is clear, concise and most compelling. NGC offers profound, highly applicable business truths, techniques and strategies page after page in a highly entertaining fashion.

What sets NGC apart is its ability to take complex business principles and make them highly understandable as well as fun to read. This is the mark of true genius.

A must read for every budding entrepreneur, manager or business leader. I predict NGC will become the bible for successful business in the 21st century.”

Timothy Kuss
Founder & CEO, Infinity Health

“An amazing compilation of new thinking and proven principles all formatted into a very useful system and managing style designed for expanding and growing a business of any size. It is a major contribution.
This book reads like a novel. I finished it in three days! Don’t let that fool you! James Fischer has packaged a 2 year graduate business course into this book. He introduces a whole new way of managing and systematizing a business so it can grow and compete in the dynamic, competitive, global market. The material is clearly and concisely presented and easy to understand. “Navigating the Growth Curve” could very well become the new bible for entrepreneurs! Everyone involved in any kind of venture should have a copy.”

Louis Audet, Tempe Arizona

I think you will find this conversation with James a fascinating exploration into the new comprehension’s that are emerging that are adding depth and transcendence to the world of human business and enterprise. As we move further into greater realms of awareness effecting so many aspects of human life, a true fresh look into the most ancient practice of human civilization – the practice of business exchange, and the nature and quality of the organizations that practice that exchange will become ever more critical as the old paradigms that have defined human civilizational reality gives way to a broader and more inclusive comprehension that promises vastly improved life for everyone.

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