A New America – Part 1

Jeffrey has a compelling conversation with George Cappannelli, CEO & President of AgeNation, a new media and event company for Boomers and beyond, committed to redefining what it means to live consciously and age wisely in the 21st Century.

He is also the CEO of The Information and Training Company, a business consulting and training organization he founded 22 years ago that specializes in societal, organizational and individual change work and provides innovative solutions in strategy, technology, process improvement, people skills and workforce planning and development and wellness.

George’s clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and national associations including Disney, Boeing, PepsiCo, NASA, NOAA, and Oracle.

In addition to his work in the corporate sector, he has been privileged to work with a number of world leaders including: Desmond Tutu, Lech Walesa, Golda Meir, Mother Teresa and The Dalai Lama.

George has managed a U.S. Senate race and served as a special consultant in two Presidential campaigns.

As President and Founder of two New York based film and television production companies his work was awarded two special category EMMY Awards.

George was co-founder and Executive Director of The Institute for Individual and World Peace and The International Integrity Program, and he served as Executive Director of The Sedona Institute and as Director of The Society for the Advancement of Human Spirit, an organization chaired by The Dalai Lama.

His background also includes work in the advertising and marketing field where he served as Executive Vice President and Creative Director of Allerton, Berman and Dean, A New York firm and six years as a Lead Facilitator for Insight Seminars and The Insight Consulting Group.

Mr. Cappannelli is also an award winning sculptor whose works in stone, wood and bronze are in a number of public and private collections.

As a writer his books include: Say Yes to Change, Authenticity, It’s About Time and Making The Best Of The Rest Of Your Life. (Due out this Fall.)

He is also the author of two new novels entitled Old Stones & Promise and Life After Life and a new non- fiction work, I Dream Of A New America.

George resides in Santa Fe with his wife Sedena who is co-author of Authenticity, Say Yes to Change and Making The Best of The Rest of Your Life and co-founder of AgeNation.

I think you will enjoy the passion George brings to this conversation as we discuss his ideas about the state of affairs in our nation and the world and what we can do to really make a difference.

The Omni Art Salon theme music, When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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