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Jeffrey’s conversation today is with singer-songwriter, writer, speaker, and co-host of Transitions Radio Magazine, Levi Ben-Shmuel.

At a young age Levi knew that there was more to life than what he observed in his Long Island home and the surrounding community. But it was not until Levi started college at SUNY Buffalo in 1976 that the tension between what society and family said he should do with his life, and a deep yearning to touch and live in harmony with what he knew in his bones to be an unseen spiritual force, or God, began to dominate his thoughts and actions. Levi completed his studies in 1981 earning a B.S. in Quantitative and Computational Systems Analysis.

Levi’s spiritual search began with an exploration of the Jewish faith he was born into. That search led him to spend a year in Israel working in his profession at the time (computer programming) as he studied and tasted Orthodox Judaism.

After returning to the United States in 1983, Levi moved to Boston, dropped his Jewish practice, and immersed himself in the blossoming New Age movement. He continued to work in high tech, first for major corporations, then through his own consulting business.

Levi fell in love with Tai Chi Chuan and studied it intensively for 5 years under 2 masters of the art. Meditation, yoga and eating consciously became additional mainstay practices and a vision he received one crystal clear sunny day on the docks of the old naval ship yard in Charleston, Massachusetts, led him to attend MIT and receive a master’s degree in economic development in 1989.

As Levi says:

“At times God has interesting ways to catch our attention. Even though I stopped any Jewish practice, I knew there was a diamond buried in the rules and intricate rituals of my ancient birth heritage. I met a beautiful French-Moroccan Jewish woman at an Israeli folk dance in Brookline. Her English was poor, as was my French. We discovered that Hebrew was a common language. Soon after meeting we became a couple. Speaking Hebrew again re-ignited my interest in integrating Judaism into my life. This time, it had to fit my growing understanding of the interconnection of life, and the depth of Spirit that I had experienced through my Eastern practices”.

Levi Ben-Shmuel is a loving, delightful man with a great passion for goodness, truth and beauty. Married to Kabbalist Artist Matananda who was on the Salon not too long ago, he brings a authenticity to life that is all too rare in our duplistic society and his life is an example of the amazing power of pursuing truth with every fiber of your being. I think you will find our conversation uplifting, fascinating and fun – I know I did.

The Omni Art Salon theme music, When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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