Understanding Energy Fields

Jeffrey has an eye-opening conversation with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. Dr. Korotkov has published over 70 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 12 patents on biophysics inventions, and he has led a research career for over 25 years, combining rigorous scientific method with an insatiable curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life.

Dr. Korotkov is also a scholar in philosophy and a serious mountaineer of 20 years experience. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 24 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 40 national and international conferences, including The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Conference in Boulder, Colorado, The International Conference in Predictive Medicine in France, “Psi-Days” conference in Basel, Switzerland, The International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Santa Fe New Mexico, etc.

He is the author of 5 books, some in English, including:

Human Energy Field: study with GDV bioelectography, Light After Life: Experiments and Ideas on After-Death Changes of Kirlian Pictures.

Dr. Korotkov is also associate editor of the journal: Consciousness and Physical Reality, publishing articles in Russian and English. At the V Congress of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectography (IUMAB) in Curitiba, Brasil, Dr. Korotkov was elected as President of the IUMAB by the world’s most prominent researchers.

Dr. Korotkov is also an Associate Professor at Holos University Graduate Seminary and Greenwich University, Norfolk Island, Australia. His technique, known as the Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), is a breakthrough beyond Kirlian photography for direct, real-time viewing of the human aura.

This new (3 year old) technology allows one to capture by a special camera the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual, plants, liquids, powders, inanimate objects and translate this into a computerized model. This allows researcher and client to see imbalances that may be influencing an individual’s well-being greatly facilitating the diagnosis of the CAUSE of any existing imbalances showing the area of the body and the organ systems involved.

One of the greatest benefits to date is the ability to do “real-time” measurements of a variety of treatments for such conditions as cancer to determine which is the most appropriate for the client. The incredible implications for the diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions with applications in medicine, psychology, sound therapy, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture, ecology etc. have only just begun.

The GDV technique is accepted by The Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical technology and more than 300 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide.

Dr. Korotkov’s 2 presentations at The International Conference on Science and Consciousness were titled: Science of Measuring Energy Fields and New Experiments in Measuring Energy of Water and Space, and New Revolutionary Sensor Technology for Analyzing Energy of Water and Different Places.

Dr. Korotkov’s work represents an incredible contribution to the growing field of empirically tested scientific research pertaining to consciousness, energy fields, and quantum comprehension’s of human interaction within our cosmos.

I think you will enjoy his comments and insights and appreciate the importance of this kind of scientific work to our worlds awareness.

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