Interdimensional Vision – Part 2

Jeffrey converses with Dr. Angela Browne-Miller, psychotherapist, seminar leader, author, and Director of the Metaxis Institute based in Tiburon, California. Angela earned her two doctorates and two master’s degrees at the University of California at Berkeley, where she lectured in three departments for more than a decade. She has also served as a National Institute of Mental Health Fellow, a U.S. Administration on Children, Youth and Families Fellow, and a Fellow at the U.S. Department of Public Health. She has taught, researched, designed programs and worked in fields including: behavioral and substance addiction; domestic, sexual and family violence; adult, teen and child development; and mental health.

Dr. Browne-Miller focuses much of her work on Visionary Healing which incorporates metaphysical aspects of physical and psychological healing.

Her approach to diagnosis, treatment and healing with the metaphorical “third eye” is a powerful tool, one that does not interfere, and should not interfere, with other essential methods, but serves to enhance these other methods by offering innovative models of wellness, healing, and remission enhancement beyond the holism and alternative health perspectives that have carried us to this threshold of understanding. This involves practical and advanced applications of selected indigenous, ancient, esoteric, eastern and philosophical principles in addressing wellness maintenance, pain management, self-destructive behavior alleviation, disease processes and more.

Angela explores and bridges modern and ancient consciousness technologies, applying these to the treatment of personal and societal spiritual, psychological, and physical issues, including grief, fear of death, and death itself.

Her approach clearly demonstrates the analytic and professional structures essential in moving Interdimensional thinking deep into mainstream intellectual realms – and deep into the consciousness.

Consciousness technology steps Dr. Browne-Miller has developed bring us face to face with the interdimensional aspects of learning, healing, expansion, birth and death, and all change and provide an in-depth look at the relationship between psychological and physical states, and suggests the alchemy of spirit so necessary to produce profound transitions and healing. Dr, Browne-Miller explains that interdimensional thinking and experiencing must be enhanced for individuals and for the human family to take the next big step in personal and group evolution.

I think you will find this conversation most interesting as it explores beyond the boundaries of the methodological approaches of the past and really brings the evolution of consciousness into a greater focus as a living process.

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