Tapestry of Healing

jerimills1.jpgJeffrey converses with Dr. Jeri Mills about her lifelong work to integrate western and eastern medicine into a comprehensive treatment approach to healing.

In her book Tapestry of Healing, Physician/Author Jeri Mills, M.D. takes us on the journey that led her to integrate Reiki and other forms of energy medicine into every aspect of her own medical practice. Mills allows us to see just how simple and how enriching it can be to bring Eastern and Western medicine together, to create a medical marriage that incorporates the best of all worlds. As she puts it:

“Western culture has turned healing into medicine and medicine into a sophisticated job of plumbing…”

In Tapestry of Healing, Mills shows us how to bring healing back into medicine.

jerimillsbook1.jpgDr. Mills blends her unique background as a girl who grew up in the circus and later became a veterinarian, physician, healer, storyteller, and poet into this fascinating and informative book. Tapestry, the story of Mills’ personal journey into the frontiers of energy medicine, expertly weaves together the scientific and the mystical. As this intuitive medical doctor shares her experience of integrating energy healing into every aspect of her Obstetrics and Gynecology practice, she takes you with her every step of the way. When Mills weaves inspirational stories into an introduction to energy medicine, even those with no previous knowledge of Eastern systems can easily understand her contemporary explanation of ancient healing arts

Dr. Mills is a physician board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. She is also a veterinarian, and a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. Her articles on women’s health and integrative medicine have appeared in newspapers and magazines in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. She has lectured internationally about the integration of Western medicine and Energy medicine. The rich storytelling format of her presentations moves her audiences to laughter and tears as they are motivated to bring Eastern healing practices into their own lives.

Jeri Mills lives in Pearce, Arizona where she shares her home with two dogs, two cats, two horses and a miniature donkey. She divides her time between the animals, writing, doing healing work, lecturing, working as an emergency room physician, and teaching Reiki classes. Her purpose and her passion are to serve as a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine.

Here are some great comments about Dr. Mills book:

“In Tapestry of Healing Dr. Mills provides a thoughtful, practical and welcome introduction to the art and science of energy healing. She speaks to our minds while opening our hearts to the magic and mystery of healing. Her personal and professional journeys fuse into one song which is immediately recognizable for those who are healers and in search of healing. It is a work reflecting a life of dedication and love.”

Howard Silverman, M.D., M.S., Author of “Healing Ceremonies”

Tapestry of Healing is the answer to every Reiki Master/Teacher’s prayer. It is the perfect book to give every student on every level. Dr. Jeri Mills is blessed with the ability to transform the mysteries of Reiki into a down to earth language for all to understand. Reading about how she combined her medical background and experience with the healing powers of Reiki, inspires all of us to spread the good news about the many benefits of this wonderful healing modality. This book is a MUST own for your Reiki library. Whether you are practicing Reiki, teaching classes or just curious about what it is all about, treat yourself to a journey of simplicity in understanding the way it all started and the way it should be.

Kiki Peppard, Reiki Master/Teacher, Host of Internet Radio Show Hand in Hand at www.ladybuglive.com

Jeri Mills, M.D. is unusual. She is not only a physician who has developed her own healing gifts, but is also a veterinarian with a place in her heart for all creatures in need of care. Dr. Mills has studied shamanic and Native American healing, and Reiki, and found that “ healing just turned on automatically” as she ministered to the women in labor and delivery at her hospital. She tells the stories of her experiences in Tapestry of Healing writing clearly and convincingly about approaches to using healing and its benefits. This book is warmly recommended to anyone interested in how healing can be integrated in a medical practice.

Daniel Benor, M.D., Author of Spiritual Healing

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Mills because she is living proof of what our collective future can bring as individuals open up to their true divine potential and seriously integrate the rich and various modalities of healing available on our beautiful shining blue planet. Jeri Mills infuses her healing practice with love and devotion and is an inspiration to those of us who really believe that medicine is really an art that offers the greatest opportunity to observe the magnificent working of our multidimensional universe.

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