Spontaneous Healing

mitchelgibson1.jpgJeffrey converses with Dr. Mitchell Gibson is a board-certified forensic psychiatrist, writer, artist, software developer, public speaker, and spiritual teacher. Earning his medical degree at the age of 25 from the University of North Carolina, Dr. Gibson completed his residency training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. During his last year of residency he served as Chief Resident in Psychiatry and received the Albert Einstein Foundation Research Award for his work in Sleep Disorders.

tybro1.jpgDr. Gibson has been listed among the Top Doctors in Arizona in Phoenix Magazine on several occasions and is a former Chief of Staff at the East Valley Camelback Hospital in Mesa Arizona and has been named to the Woodward and White listing of the “Best Doctors in America”. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the American College of Forensic Medicine, and the American Board of Forensic Examiners. He is currently a public speaker a spiritual teacher and lives with his wife and children in North Carolina.

Dr. Gibson received the first of his three major spiritual initiations from Sri Matajhi Indira Devi in 1994 and was granted clairvoyant vision, knowledge of the soul, and heightened intuitive healing abilities. Dr. Gibson lectures extensively throughout the world as a noted public speaker on various topics including knowledge of the soul, astrology, the spiritual causes of mental illness, human potential, cosmobiology, art, and creativity enhancement.

The process of spontaneous healing has baffled scientists and skeptics alike for decades. In his practice of medicine, Dr. Gibson has witnessed the disappearance of cancer, heart disease, mental illness and a host of other maladies. The process by which these spontaneous disappearances have occurred is poorly understood.

In the upcoming International Conference on Science and Consciousness, Dr. Gibson will present a seminar revealing the results of a scientific inquiry into the hidden mechanics of this phenomenon. Dr. Gibson also explores “enlightened healers” who throughout the centuries have used this hidden power to address problems that medical science cannot. The goal of this seminar is to learn to examine the mechanics of miraculous healing from a scientific viewpoint.

In this conversation with Dr. Gibson you will hear how one mans personal path of unfolding consciousness surprised him, and brought him into new understanding about the energetic universe from a very young age, and has since propelled him to practice a form of healing far beyond the western medical models that have dominated our culture for over a century. A fascinating exploration of a little understood phenomenon seen throughout the world.

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