The Highest Consciousness

ronlavaneri1.jpgJeffrey converses with Ron Lavaneri, spokesperson for The ECKANKAR Center on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

ECKANKAR is an initiatory spiritual path that teaches the Ancient Science of Soul Travel through spiritual exercises that align one with the Light and Sound of God. Soul Travel is also another way of describing the movement of consciousness from one state to another which can be experiened while one is sleeping or awake.

Ancient in origins, ECKANKAR has an unbroken line of 975 Living ECK Masters spanning 95,000 years who have been silently involved in the spiritual evolution of human consciousness.

Some of those ECK Masters include:

eck-symbol-200-dpi.jpgRami Nuri the spiritual mentor and teacher for the great Persian poet Rumi. The Magi, ECK Masters who predicted and identified the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Zadok the Living ECK Master at the time of Jesus Christ. Gopal Das, The Living ECK Master 3,000 years ago in Egypt and head of the Initiatory Mystery School at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Geutan, The Living ECK Master in Lemuria who warned of the coming destruction of that continent. Ori Diogo who was The Living ECK Master during the time of Julius Caesar who foretold of his coming assassination. Phidias who was The Living ECK Master during the golden age of Greece and was responsible for the building of the Parthenon. Shiv Sena, the Hindu who inspired Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Peddar Zasq, The Living ECK Master who wrote numerous works that comprise some of the key writings of the modern day ECKANKAR path. Wazee, The Living ECK Master who is the current spiritual leader of ECKANKAR.

rome1.jpgECKANKAR is an ancient Sanskrit word which literally translates to mean Co-worker with Source or Co-worker with One.

A fascinating and heart filled conversation with a delightful storyteller and Lover of Life.

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