An Ever Deeper Connection

runaflyer1.jpgJeffrey has a refreshing conversation with Rúna Bouius, an Icelandic entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker and trainer.

Her company Rúnora,LLC focuses on a specialized form of leadership development with emphasis on awakening true power and finding deeper connection. A former business leader in the cosmetic industry in Iceland for 20 years, Rúna has immersed herself in an intense process of mentorship and training in various disciplines such as wisdom traditions, energy cultivating practices, and direct teachings from Nature. She fuses those skills with her business acumen.

Runa is devoted to helping leaders “develop a true source of power and deeper connection to all of life that will enable them to thrive as they tap into these deeper wells and understand that when they are deeply connected to themselves, to others and to something beyond, then they are truly connected to all of life. That deeper connection then expresses itself in the vibrant health of the organization with which they are involved and in the deeper creative spirit of all its employees.”

Listen to a remarkable woman speak about her awakening to greater understanding and connection to life and how she is bringing this greater ability to understand ones place in this grand scheme of life to the world of business and commerce. It is a truly wonderful journey that has universal applications in so many ways for so many.

The Omni Art Salon theme music, When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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