Corporate Karma

peggiepelosi1.jpgJeffrey has a dialogue with Peggie Pelosi founder of Orenda Connections, a company dedicated to helping companies find their optimal success for giving back to life to fulfill their greatest potential as business’s and community leaders.

Peggie Pelosi has spent her career inspiring international business leaders through her speaking, coaching and writing—all based on 20 years of personal sales success. Her greatest inspiration, however, has come from corporate philanthropy—a means for companies to move forward by giving back.

At the peak of her sales career, Peggie was brought in as VP of Network Development for USANA Health Sciences. Peggie immediately saw that while USANA’s products were solid and the people were great, the corporate culture was hampering bottom line results.peggiepelosibook1.jpgPeggie created a partnership between USANA and the Children’s Hunger Fund that reinvigorated the company. The next few years brought staggering results. Not only did company-wide contributions to the charity triple, but sales increased dramatically resulting in a 3000% increase in USANA’s share value.

Corporate philanthropy made the difference, and Peggie wanted to share what she had learned, so Peggie left USANA to establish Orenda Connections; a strategic corporate philanthropy consulting company dedicated to helping companies leverage the power of corporate philanthropy to create a meaningful connection between people and the places they work.

Listen to an inspiring talk with a powerful leader in the movement to awaken the human potential that lies dormant in every corporate environment and hear how her efforts are waking up one company at a time bringing a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of life.

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