Exhilarating Piano Music

jonschmidtc1.jpgJeffrey speaks with classical new age pianist and composer Jon Schmidt about his life long passion for creating beautiful music, his families inspiration and support, working with music as a language, and the joy of performance.

jonschmidtb1.jpgJon performs live at many major concert halls and has worked with wonderful musicians such as David Arkenstone, John Tesh, Kurt Bestor, Lex deAzevedo and Peter Breinholt. Among his many CD’s and albums Jon released his debut album August End in 1991, Walk in The Woods in 1993, A Day in the Sunset and Jon Schmidt Christmas in 1994 and To The Summit in 2000.

jonschmidta1.jpgListen to a gifted composer and performer reveal his heart and soul and his life long passion to create powerful and exhilarating piano music. At the end of the show we are privileged to an unedited version of his musical masterpiece Waterfall.

The Omni Art Salon theme music, When Angels Smile, is provided courtesy of Back To Earth

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