Overcoming The Impossible

leahroland1.jpgJeffrey interviews Leah Roland of Aspen, Colorado a recovering incomplete quadriplegic from a skiing accident where she broke her neck. Quadriplegia refers to the paralysis of all four limbs — both arms and both legs, as from a high spinal cord accident. Incomplete refers to Leah’s success in defying complete paralysis, as she has regained some use of her limbs.

Inspired by her friend Amanda Boxtel, who recently became the first United States citizen to receive human embryonic stem cell therapy, Leah is also planning on going to India to work with Dr. Geeta Shroff’ in the spring of 2008 to receive similar human embryonic stem cell therapy. To date, over 70 other spinal cord injuries have been successfully treated with no adverse side effects.

In this interview Leah talks about her excitement and nervousness about the work she has ahead as she is anticipating success but also feels a little apprehensive about giving her body to science.

Music is provided courtesy of Back To Earth playing their musical piece When Angels Smile.

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