The Oracles of the Ocean

michellehansona1.jpgJeffrey interviews author, intuitive life coach and sea shell reader Michele “Shelly” Hanson about her amazing journey to becoming a leader in understanding and gathering wisdom from reading seashells. Shelly has developed a set of cards and literature called Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal about Our True Natureâ„¢ published by Beyond oceanoraclebook1.jpgWords Publishing. This boxed set includes a deck of 200 seashell cards depicting the shells discussed in the companion book. Together, the book and cards enable the reader to work with his/her own divination messages.

Shelly embraces seashells as tools to enable us to speak with our subconscious life and knowingness, allowing that inner true self to communicate the information it selects as most valuable for our growth at the time of the reading creating a sort of inner mirror and road map.

michellhansonb1.jpg“Softly the Ocean whispers her gentle flow of truth and compassion as we heed her crystal words, and embrace her wisdom, we find enlightenment in The Ocean Oracle”

In the Ocean Oracle card set and guide, each card presents a picture of the shell on the front, and its name and meaning on the back. Once the shells are selected and arranged, it is simply a matter of turning over the cards to obtain the message.

This conversation with Shelly reveals a devoted lover of these little gems of the ocean that can impart wisdom, realization, self understanding and become real friends as we get to know them with an open heart and mind.

Music is provided courtesy of Back To Earth playing their musical piece When Angels Smile.

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