The Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy

amandaskiing1.jpgJeffrey speaks with Amanda Boxtel about her amazing journey as the survivor of a skiing accident that left her a paraplegic and how she has overcome so many of the challenges that have occurred over the years. Amanda also speaks about her experience with stem cell therapy and the remarkable recovery it has brought to her.

Amanda discovered Dr. Geeta Shroff’ who has pioneered groundbreaking stem cell research and treatments in India where Amanda has travelled and received treatments for her paralysis. Stem cell research and treatment is at the heart of a global controversy that ties into religious freedom, abortion rights and health rights for individuals and so is quite prominent in the consciousness landscape of out times.

amandadog1.jpgAmanda speaks about her amazing journey from being an avid outdoor athlete, becoming paralyzed and the then entering into the heart of that global controversy with remarkable insights, heart, and authenticity. Author of Pivotal Moments – Life Lessons in Overcoming, Amanda has had a dramatic impact on countless lives with her determination, courage, wisdom and love that is a great inspiration and example of what it really means to live a conscious life moment by moment bringing your best to challenge the adversity of incredible odds.

Listen to a wonderful woman speak from her heart of what she experienced and learned as life brought her through challenges most can not even imagine.

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