The Best of André Morgunoff

andremorgunoff1.jpgkeyorchestra1.jpgJeffrey speaks with Andre Morgunoff, Russian-American pianist, composer and prolific producer of over 250 original compositions, soundtracks and songs. Born and raised in Moscow with an international career spanning 25 years, Andre has received many awards for recording, arranging, and sound design.

keyorchestrac1.jpgKathleen Sharkey of IN-TUNE Magazine says of Andre and Key Orchestra:

“How does a band go about creating “New Music”? Not new lyrics and not even new sounds, but “New Music”. This question should be asked of KeyOrchestra, for in their new albums, they have created New Music. In their own classification they call it pop-rock/electronic, but it is so much more then that. By uniting operatic voice, jazz riffs, electronic synth, rock drums grooves, a mean electric guitar and ethnic sounds KeyOrchestra has created music that is not only new and innovative but also keenly individual and inspired”

keyorchestrab1.jpgThe Omni Art Salon would like to congratulate Andre and KeyOrchestra for the global release of their new album The Very Best of Andre Morgunoff with this interview with Andre and a first listen to his musical piece: Ireland Mocca