Universal Paradigm Shift

garyaura072.jpgJeffrey visits with artist Gary LaCroix of Mammoth Arizona who has been producing transformational abstract surrealist paintings for over 25 years.

Gary says this about his artistic exploration:

“As I have journeyed inward though spiritual paths, the intellect, psychedelics and meditation, one thing is evident; science and spiritually are converging… realizing a holistic universe, holographic in nature. The concepts of reductionism, Newtonian physics and fundamental religions are being replaced by self-awareness and quantum physics. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principal, Bell’s thoughts on non-locality and Bohm’s implicate and explicate order, prove that we are a creative cause in the development of not only our lives but also the universe. We are undoing the beliefs of conflict, competition and separation — we are part of a whole. My paintings challenge the ego/mind to see the world differently. Look past your external projection and see inner space.”

lifewithin1.jpgAlong with artist Mary Myers, Gary founded The Paradigm Shift Group in Oracle Arizona, home of The Biosphere 2 devoted to exploring new consciousness in a local salon setting. As the quote on their website states:
“We are living at a time of change. From the Newtonian View of separation or reductionism, to the quantum view of entanglement or cooperation. We are all connected… the universe, the planet, and all who share it.”

twocircles1.jpgAn interesting dialogue with an artist who has devoted his art to exploring the invisible realms of consciousness and energetic fields that are best connected to through an open heart.

Music today is provided by Podsafe Music Network artist Theatrimus playing his piece Slow Motion.