Believe To Achieve

howardwhite1.jpgJeffrey’s conversation with Howard “H” White, a fascinating figure in the world of professional Sports with an exceptional reputation as one of the dearly beloved of Sports heroes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong as a mentor and counselor of the highest degree.

Howard was a star in high school and a standout point guard for the University of Maryland. He went on to become an NBA draft pick until knee injuries put a stop to his basketball career. With undaunted personal strength, Howard put his other skills to use, eventually finding his way to Nike, Inc. to become vice president of Jordan Brand, which celebrates Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

howardwhitebook1.jpgHoward has been with Nike for twenty-five years and with Nike’s support he founded the “Believe to Achieve” program, an innovative traveling seminar designed to encourage youth to believe in themselves and adults to mentor them.

Howard is a charismatic public speaker with a passion and excitement for life that moves adults and children alike. His uplifting book “Believe To Achieve” reveals a man whose personal devotion to truth and the love of life puts him in the highest echelons of Americas greatest hero to heroes.

A rare conversation with one of the great leaders in true American Sportmanship Consciousness.

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