Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence

molliepuppet1.jpgJeffrey dialogue’s with Dr. Mollie Painton, a nationally recognized lecturer and author of: Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence, a book which enlightens its readers with captivating stories about extraordinary children who are blessed with God-given gifts of intuition and the ability to see beyond the ordinary,who are teachers and healers, and who care deeply for the welfare of all people.

And who are these kids Dr. Painton refers to as spiritual children?

As Dr. Painton describes them:

“These astonishing young individuals grace every country, culture, color, and creed. Blessing us with their presence, they teach us important lessons from their goodness and creativity. Their torches are forever burning–even in the face of darkness and destruction as they unite our global family in hope, freedom, and peace”.

paintonbook1.jpgOver the past thirty years Dr. Painton has worked with spiritual boys and girls from diverse populations, such as those afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, the developmentally disabled, children showing symptoms of ADD and ADHD, and the intellectually gifted. An even larger number of children with whom she has interacted are distressed by traumatic events, such as the death of a parent or a divorce. Many of her clients are not traumatized, but need help making troublesome adjustments to difficult situations, such as a move or birth of a sibling.

Dr. Painton founded and directs both the Interplay Center which embodies her private practice, in addition to the SpiritPlay Institute which is dedicated to the recognition, encouragement, understanding, support, and enrichment of children’s spiritual intelligence, as well as their families’, and those adults who are rediscovering their own spiritual child.

A heartwarming and insightful look into one of the most compelling areas of the World Consciousness Revolution.

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