Loose Change 911

Jeffrey interviews Jason Bermas one of the producers of the remarkable documentary Loose Change 911, a runaway hit with millions of downloads on the Internet chronicling the discrepancies in the official version of the events on 9/11.

jasonloosechange1.jpgThis conversation with Jason reveals the backstage scene of how someone with little or no funding created the most provocative documentary questioning the official version of 911 events.

loosechange1.jpgThere are well over 30 million thinking Americans and even more world citizens who believe that there is overwhelming evidence that 911 was an orchestrated series of events with far reaching intended destructive ramifications for The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties.

Listen to a compelling conversation to a leader in The New Civil Rights Movement.

The music today is provided by Podsafe Music Network artists Freedom People, and is titled New Revolution.

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