Inner Guidance – Our Divine Birthright with Anne Archer Butcher

Jeffrey’s wonderful conversation with Ann Archer Butcher, award-winning author of the new spiritual classic Inner Guidance – Our Divine Birthright.

Anne is a producer and writer, wife and mother, businesswoman, and member of the Eckankar clergy who speaks at international gatherings about near-death, out-of-body, spiritual experiences, and the unique spiritual toolkit that the Eckankar teachings provide seekers of all kinds.

In this conversation Anne speaks beautifully about several of the many miraculous and inspiring stories contained in her book that have provided her with a profound sense of connection to the divine source of all life in both subtle and dramatic ways.

In addition, Anne shares some great practical tools useful to anyone who is interested in fine-tuning their own sense of their divine connection to life in many new ways.

Anne will be appearing at the upcoming Eckankar worldwide seminar on the weekend of October 24th through the 26th in Minneapolis in a special workshop on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm in auditorium 3

Detailed information about Anne’s book and public appearances and the upcoming Eckankar Worldwide Seminar links:





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