Uncovering Advanced Pyramid Technology with David Sereda – Part 2


Jeffrey’s ground breaking conversation with controversial researcher, scientist and inventor David Sereda offering an in-depth look into his most recent insights and discoveries about extraterrestrial communicationssupra-quantum field technology, and the sophisticated geometry mathematicsand materials infused in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

David also reveals the quantum technologies he has created that improve health, expand awareness and substantially increase one’s ability to communicate in the multi-verse with extraordinary results.

Thanks to independent quantum researchers and inventors like David Sereda, we have important clues as to what will be required for humanity race to evolve fossil fuel, flat earth technology into advanced quantum propulsion that will enable interstellar travel and communications.

Truly advanced technology will enable the elevation of human consciousness to be able to transcend the misanthropic oil/bank/debt/drug paradigm for a sustainable paradigm that supports wellness and balance in all arenas of human endeavor.

David Sereda’s website: LightStreamTechnologies.com

David Sereda on YouTube

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