Navigating The Dark Night of Soul with Patricia Ariadne

Jeffrey’s unique and powerful conversation with transitional therapist, Dr. Patricia Ariadne, about how to navigate and get the most out of the Dark Night of Soul experience.

Dr. Ariadne’s thorough research into the lives and trials of individuals across a wide social spectrum has allowed her to not only deeply understand this mysterious experience but to also identify 3 specific stages that one goes through as they traverse this unknown territory of personal growth.

The Dark Night of Soul is deeply imbedded in world culture effecting individuals, groups and even nations as the world struggles with rapid and disruptive change.

Dr. Ariadne’s book Drinking the Dragon: Stories of the Dark Night of Soul, has helped thousands understand and master their own experiences and is an invaluable resource for therapists and patients alike.

We think you will find the wisdom, insight and love that Dr. Ariadne has put into this important subject most uplifting about this fascinating and deeply impactful experience.

Dr. Ariadne’s web address:  www.transitiontherapist.com


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