Art Your Soul Knows

jancypettit1.jpgJeffrey interviews Jancy Pettit, artistic pioneer of using Qigong, and Tai Chi movement and energy to create individual artworks for specific clients that encompass patterns that build energy in the body for a persons health, awareness and well-being.

Jancy’s art pieces, which are channeled when she is with each client, bring healing and act as power grids that assist with the energy of planet earth to bring more love and balance. Clients report that Jancy’s artworks have helped them to connect to their higher selves and serve as portals to other dimensions and energetic frequencies. You can also see Jancy on You Tube.

painting1.jpgIf you are interested in a private phone session, attending a workshop to learn how to do the movement and drawings yourself, or hosting a workshop in your area, you can contact Jancy at: Jancy Pettit on the Web.

Listen to Jancy describe her work and life’s passion for a most original and consciousness based “art with a purpose.”

Music today is called The Mermaid from the band Juliet Hotel on the Podsafe Music Network

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