The Mystic Science of the Magi

sharon21.jpgJeffrey interviews Sharon Jeffers about her remarkable journey to write and publish Cards Of Destiny. Referred to as the Lost Book of Time from the Ancient Order of the Magi, this system could be one of the oldest oracles known to man. What’s more, it holds the keys to our inner and outer kingdoms. Keys that unlock our awareness to the greater potential of who we are as individuals, together as a whole, and ultimately as a force becoming one in our collective consciousness.

sharonjefferscards1.jpgSharon is an internationally known life advisor, author, and third generation clairvoyant who has worked with thousands of people from around the world, and from all walks of life. With an extensive background in transformational healing work, applied kinesiology, and Black Hat Feng Shui, Sharon has done in-depth work with kids at risk and prison inmates, police, management teams, educators and health professionals.

She was the founder of the Center for Integrated Learning and Accelerated Learning Strategies. Her client list includes police departments, educational institutions, people from around the world, and celebrities. She lives in Kauai and Los Angeles, and is available by phone or in person for private and group sessions.

Tune into Sharon on BBS Radio.com where she is known as The Mystic Oracle.

Sharon’s website: StarOfTheMagi.com

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