The Orb Project with Klaus Heinemann

Jeffrey’s penetrating conversation with author Dr. Klaus Heinemann  a research scientist in experimental physics who has worked for many years in materials science research at NASAUCLA, and as a research professor at Stanford University.

He is founder and chairman of a ELORET Corporation  that performs scientific research in computational fluid dynamics, materials development, and nanotechnology under contracts from NASA.


For several decades Dr. Heinemann has worked on mending the commonly perceived rift between science and spirituality and lectures extensively on expanding perception and consciousness and that science not only allows for, but actually postulates a nonphysical, divine reality. 

In his book, The Orb Project, co-authored with Dr. Miceal Ledwith and with an extended foreword by Dr. William A. Tiller, Klaus discusses digital photographs that contain clear and irrefutable evidence of phenomena that cannot be explained on the basis of conventional physics.

Listen to a fascinating interview with an advocate for understanding how science and consciousness are deeply and naturally connected.

Music is provided by Podsafe Music Network artist Robert Willey.