The Eco-Princess Revealed with Zoe Tryon

Jeffrey’s moving conversation with eco-activist  Zoë Tryon, about her work with with Amazon Watch and The Pachamama Alliance and leading shamanic tours to help people connect with the magic of the wilderness, nature and indigenous wisdom.

Daughter of Lord Tryon and the late Lady Tryon, and goddaughter of Prince Charles, Zoë takes celebrities, film makers and journalists on Toxi Tours of the areas destroyed by oil development in the Amazon Rainforest and has been been an active campaigner for the inclusion of rights for nature in the new Ecuadorian Constitution.


Zoë also attends conferences all over the world as an Amazon ambassador such as the Indigenous Peoples Global Summit on Climate Change in Anchorage Alaska, and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues annual conference in New York.


Zoë is an articulate and well informed modern day shamaness who has found a purpose and calling that encompasses not only her ideals and vision, but transcends all boundaries be they political, spiritual or socio/economic proving what one person can do to effect real change with passion and love.


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