The Joy of Giving with Jim Calaway

Jeffrey’s remarkable conversation with Jim Calaway, a philanthropist-businessman from Carbondale, Colorado.

Jim served as the Chair of The Aspen Institute’s Society of Fellows before he became a trustee in 1997. In 2000, he was selected as an Honorary Trustee, and was later appointed the Chair of The Council of Honorary Trustees.

Jim was in the oil and gas exploration business for over 40 years and retired as Chairman of Edge Petroleum in the late 1980s. He now partners with his son in building wind farms in several states to generate renewable energy.

During Jimmy Carter’s administration, Jim received two presidential appointments: The National Petroleum Council, and as Commissioner of Presidential Scholars.

Since retirement, he has set his sights on philanthropy and fundraising for civic groups and nonprofit organizations and served as a regent of the University of Corpus Christi, a trustee of Antioch College, and a board member of the Colorado Mountain College Foundation, and Treasurer for the American Civil Liberties Union.



At 81, Jim offers inimitable insights and observations that come from a lifetime of involvement in many so many diverse arenas and endeavors.  

Jim’s breadth of experience and passion to make life a better experience for others is inspirational and is a great example that with determination and vision, all things are possible. 

The Omni Art Salon theme music, Song of a Hu, is provided by musician and composer David Young