Time: 1:04:30
Jeffrey interviews David Sereda, physicist, scientist, writer, filmmaker, lecturer, and overall genius about his latest projects.

David’s latest book Singularity and his soon to be released (April 2007) film: From Here To Andromeda.

David SeredaDavid speaks about a vast array of information including current environmental science, quantum physics and conscious evolution, spirituality, the extinction of humanity, relocating the human experience to another planet, the structure of the universe, the nature of duality, the physics of particle wave functions, the 7 levels of Samadhi, Stephen Hawking, Edgar Mitchell, founder of the Noetic Institute.

Taking us on a fantastic tour of his latest discoveries of the connections in science and spirituality, David describes how singularity is the only true path out of duality, matter and the conflict that traps souls in the fabrication of ego and illusion. Listen to one of the most brilliant thinkers of our time describe his multiple projects to help humanity make the next critical step to evolute themselves past extinction.


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